Walking down the memory lane, she recollected her past. How much life had changed her. She was young,bold,ready to take on the world.She was ambitious and aimed high.She knew she wasn’t like the rest.

And then one fine morning,she fell in love.

He was like a breath of fresh air in her mundane life. He cared about no one,but she would realise that later. But the heart wants what it wants.

So then started their story. Everything was as normal as it could be and then she came face to face with reality.

He coaxed to meet her one rainy evening. She didn’t want to but gave up to his boyish charms. Sneaking out she met him down the street. He was extra loving and she was happy he finally loved her as much as she did. They walked down hand in hand,laughing and talking when suddenly he put a cloth on her mouth and she slowly started losing consciousness. The last thing she remembered was her drenched clothes coming off.

The rain was torrential that night. Her parents were thankful their daughter was home,safe.20170510_114838

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