She was always a shy girl. Born and raised by conservative parents, she never knew she had a voice of her own. She was taught to dance and sing at a young age. She was a very average student.

So, when the time had come, she was married off. Ofcourse she wasn’t asked before the decision was taken. But it was okay she guessed. After all her parents knew what was best for her.

The best lehenga, beautiful jewellery, no expense was spared. She never saw her parents so happy with anything that concerned her. She had seen the groom once or twice before. He belonged to an influential family and was almost 8 years elder to her He was going to keep her happy. She knew it.

Then a few days later he came home at night, drunk, unable to stand up straight. She helped him walk up to the bedroom when she was welcomed by a slap right on her soft,delicate face. As the night progressed, marks from his pure leather belt covered her pale,white skin. But what could she do, she never knew she had a voice.

The next day as she stepped in front of a mirror, she touched her face gently. It was red and swollen and the marks filled with unpleasant memories.

Taking out her phone, for the first time she opened one of the beautifying applications.

Maybe it was good that there was something in the world which could hide her flaws and make her look beautiful again.

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