Review of HAiROOTZ Eva tablets by Dr.Reddy’s

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Hey everyone,

Have have you all been? Well I am here with a very special product today which is very essential for all of us and many of you had requested this review. We all know how important the health of our hair is. It suffers from dust and pollution everyday, not to forget out weird hair phases. We damage it too much while experimenting and never think about it until we start to lose hair. Did you ever think about the fact that maybe they need some sort of a food to stay healthy and lustrous. That is exactly what I am going to tell you all about today.

I have with me the famous Dr.Reddy’s HAiROOTZ Eva tablets with Biotin, Grape Seed Extract,Folic Acid, Calcium Pantothenate and Amino Acid Soflets.

The ingredients are:

Protein Hydrolysate,Maize starch,Phosphates,Gelatin,Grape seed extract,Bulking agent,Polvinylpyrrolidone,Humectants,Minerals,HPMC based,Stabilizer,Anticaking agent,Vitamins,Permitted Natural Colour,Acidity regulator,Preservative and Purified water.

My impression-

I used to have extreme hairfall,my hair growth had stopped and a bald patch was steadily developing! This was the condition of my hair when I started having this tablet. I started having it once everyday after breakfast. I had it for 3 weeks and trust me the results were amazing. I clearly saw new hair growth within such short span, my hair quality increased a lot and also my hair fall decreased so much. I had heard a lot about these hair supplements but was always sceptical about it. I am telling you, this product is amazing and worth investing in. It provies your hair with all the nutrients it needs and changes your hair completely.

Now I don’t feel conscious as my hair seems to be just fine. I’ll be continuing these little wonderful tablets for a long time and I suggest you try them with me.

If you want to purchase it,here are the links:



Hope the post was helpful.

In case you guys want any more information,go ahead and comment and I will get back to you guys as soon as possible.

Till then,



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