Review of products from Wild Earth by Shabia Walia

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Hey everyone,

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So today I bring to you the products from Wild Earth which is a signature line of Shabia Walia. I got hold of the Peach Grapes and Cherry Blossom Body Butter and the Dark Chocolate Lip Balm from Glamrada and I’m so excited to share the reviews with you.

First up is the Peach Grapes and Cherry Blossom Body Butter. The ingredients in it are:

Aqua,Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Butter, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter),Glycerin,Prunus Persica (Peach) Ext.,Vitis Vinifera (Grape Seed) Ext.,Prunus Cerasus (Cherry) Ext.,Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil,Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera),Prunus,Amygdalus Dulcis (Almond) Oil,Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil,Triticum Vulgare Germ (Wheatgerm) Oil,StearicAcid,CetylAlcohol,SterylAlcohol,Glyceryl MonoStearate,Polysorbate-40,Sodium Benzoate,Isopropyl Myristate.

The product is a lovely orange colour which comes in a compact bottle. The body butter is extremely light and non greasy. Your skin soaks up the cream in less than 5 seconds of it’s application. It makes your skin hydrated without making is oily. The product comes in a travel friendly pack so that is super convenient. Your skin will feel fresh after the first usage itself. I am going to give it a thumbs up and suggest you all to go ahead and try it out!

Product Price: INR 550 for 50gms.

Next up is the Dark Chocolate Lip Balm. The ingredients in it are:

Cocoa Powder,Chocolate Aroma,Coffee Powder,Avocado Oil,Sesame Oil,Almond Oil,Carotseed Oil,Vitamin E Oil,Wheatgerm Oil,Beeswax,Cocoa Butter,Kokum Butter,Sheabutter,Glycerin,Fragrance and Colour. 

The product comes in a 9g pack and is filled completely with amazing oils. Each of them are excellent for the lips and help to keep the chapped lips away. So to have a crack free lip this winter, scrub your lips and apply a generous quantity of the lip balm and say bye bye to boring lips. I love it and the cherry on top would obviously be the amazing smell. I keep applying whenever I feel like cause the product is amazing. A must buy. 

Product Price: INR 199 for 9gms

I am attaching the link of the place from which you can purchase it. Buy it and let me know in the comment section below what you felt about it. 

Link : 

Thank you so much for making me a part of your trial squad. Guy go ahead and check then out and show some love


Love you guys.


Juicy Chemistry’s Choco Mint Lip Scrub

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Hey guys,

It’s been quite a while since I came up with a blog post but here I am, back with an amazing post. Winter is here and we know how much our lips, which were our best assets,becomes our worst asset. I have chapped lips throughout the year and however much chapstick I end up applying, I’ll end up picking the lose skin a tad bit later.

We all hate those skins sticking out from underneath our lipsticks and making our lips look super unhealthy. So during the Black Friday Sale I ended by purchasing the Juicy Chemistry’s Choco Mint Scrub. I was looking for an organic option and this was the best one available. 

The scrub comes in a small pack with 10gm of the product neatly packed in it. 

The Ingredient List is as follows :

1.Avocado Oil 

2. Natural Vitamin E

3. Sweet Almond Oil

4. Shea Butter

5. Spearmint Essential Oil

6. Cocoa Powder

7. Organic White Sugar

The granules are super fine and easy to apply. 

Steps to scrub your lips are :

1. Clean your lips with a cleanser or micellar water so that no makeup residue is left behind.

2. Take a small quantity of the scrub with clean fingers.

3. Gently rub it on your lips in circular motion.

4. If case you need a little more, you can always help yourself.

5. Once you are done clean the granules of sugar and apply a chapstick of your choice.

The scrub leaves a beautiful cooling sensation on your lips. It leaves the lips super smooth and it detans your lips to a great extent. Exfoliating your lips is very important as it removes the dead skins on a regular basis thus leaving your lips soft and supple. 

Pros :

1. Travel friendly.

2. Leaves a cooling sensation on your lips.

3. Detans your lips to a great extent.

4. Organic products are used so they do not harm your lips at all.


1. It comes in a tub form so it might become unhygienic.

2. It retails for INR 325 for 10g which might be a little expensive. But try and get these during the sale and you won’t be unhappy anymore.

Where can you purchase it ?




Overall an amazing product. I would repurchase it for sure. Let me know in the comment section below whether you used it or not and how much you liked it!

Till then stay warm and cosy.

Review of e.l.f lip crayons

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Hey guys,

Today I am going to swatch 3 elf lip crayons and tell you guys how amazing it is.

I was recently gifted the lip crayon set by my aunt and I am so happy and grateful that she gave me these. These are one of the most amazing lip crayons ever.


1. The colours are beautiful and matte.

2. Long lasting, say about 6-7 hours. Even then it doesn’t completely go away. Judt gets a tone lighter.

3. Very handy. You can easily carry one in your purse and you won’t even know it is there.

4. Very affordable. These lip crayons come for like $3.00 a piece. 


1. Not available in India as far as I know.

2. If you get it shipped internationally, the shipping charge is pretty high. Though they have free shipping above $25.00

3. They leave a stain on your cup. So that’s a mess. 

But trust me I love them and the next time I can, I will surely get it again 😍

Swatching the 3 colours. Tell me if you like them or not. 

Review of the Seduction Las Vegas Lip gloss

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Hey guys,

So this is my very first makeup review and I am so excited. Hope I do justice to the amazing product. I’ll be as detailed in my description as possible. In case you still have queries feel free to drop in the questions in the comment section below and Ill try and answer them.

Also a big shoutout to Glamrada for believing in me and making me a part of their trial squad. It is an amazing platform for us budding bloggers. Please feel free to check them out at

Okay so coming back, today I am going to review the Seduction Las Vegas lip gloss.It’s matte and the colour is Brick Red. Just a few seconds after you apply it, it will turn matte. Initially I was a bit skeptical as I felt like it might dry up my lips. But to my surprise it kept it moisturised and hydrated for a real long time. And the cherry on the cake, it smells amazing.

The lipstick glides with ease and really makes your lips look pouty. So all you ladies out there who love some pout, do try this one.

It lasts for a good 5-6 hours and doesn’t stick to the glass or get smudged easily. If you are planning on wearing out for a dinner or lunch date, just re-apply it once you are done with your meal. Water doesn’t easily remove it so it’s better to use an oil based remover once you are done for the day

It is an amazing product and budget friendly too! I am definitely going to repurchase it and try out all the different shades as well. I hope you guys and going to try it and purchase the product. I have attached the swatch as well as the product number at the end of the post. Did you buy it yet? If so let me know in the comment section below.



Shade No- 01

Price- INR 144

Where can you purchase it-