Munch And Chow

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Being a bengali,and most importantly “Bangal” my food habits since the very beginning consisted of strictly non vegetarian items.

So I never developed the taste for vegetarian food until very recently.

One such place which completely blew my mind with their pure vegetarian food is Munch & Chow.

Located near Charnock Hospital,at Chinar Park, this 30 odd seater cafe is newly opened as is giving tough competition to their non vegetarian counter parts which are in the area.

The owners are from Australia and the items they serve here used are a new take on all the recipes they have collected while their stay abroad.

Coming to the decor, the first thing that will come to your mind once you step in is the minimalistic touch. The interiors are done, keeping in mind that the place is small and over doing it will just kill the ambience.

Here I tried the very famous Tandoori Chai for the first time. The earthen cups are roasted on top of coal for hours at length. Then they take it out and immerse it in a pot of tea. The tea boils over taking in the coal flavour. The tea is then served pipping hot in a earthen “Bhaar”.

Coming to the starters, I tried:

Stuffed mushroom-One of my favourites this place has be this dish. The mushrooms were covered in cheese and then deep fried until they they had the beautiful golden colour. You will get the taste of hot,molten cheese as soon as you take your first bite.

Spinach & cheese roll- Who knew that the vegetable I used to refrain from consuming as a child could be so delicious that I would as for a second serving ? The spinach and cheese roll had a remarkable crisp outer covering. The crunch could be heard from across the table! This indeed is an amazing finger food and well done as well.

Panko crusted paneer-When was the last time you actually got the taste of paneer in a paneer dish? As long as I remember, paneer has always been over powered by the herbs and spices and it usually loses it’s taste to the strong gravy or batter it is served with. But in this case, things were quite different. The outer covering was delicious giving way to the taste of a fresh cottage cheese which I instantly loved.

I everytime over eat the starters and usually skip the mains. But I thank god I tried the main course here. Let’s find out why!

Mexican burito:
The mexican burrito I tried here is like no other burrito served in Kolkata. The burrito was stuffed with a mixture of rajma and rice! And trust me it tasted remarkable. The “chatpata” taste reminded me of the toppings in a papri chat. It is one of the must try dishes here.

Pesto pasta: The pesto pasta was delicious owing to the fact that it was layered with parmesan cheese which happens to be my favourite kinda toping.

Shahi pulao:
A cafe which serves equally good Mexican and Indian food does exist ! The pulau was had the perfect balance of sweet in it and given a chance I would gulp it down just like that in one go.

Mexican noodles:
Had tossed mexican noodles with a side of munchurian was delicious. The munchurian balanced out the noodles perfectly and it was really light on the yummy,which made me very happy.

Kadhai paneer and Butter Naan: One of the best combos to ever exist in the vegetarian world has to be this. It is one of those dishes which I have tried every where. This paneer had a beautiful roasted taste to it which tasted so good with the butter laden naan. The paneer as usual was cooked perfectly. I would definitely recommend this one as well!

Spinach and Feta cheese pizza: The pizza base was a bit on the plump side and was extremely soft. With an extra layer of feta cheese, this delicious pizza made it to list of favourites.

Now comes my favourite part of any meal, i.e, the dessert. Even if I am dying and I have one last wish, it has to be having dessert. So it is quite natural that I tried something from their dessert section as well.

Fried Ice cream:
I personally do not like fried ice cream BUT turns out I never tried the fried ice cream here! They have a different take on this very popular dessert. The coated the vanilla ice cream with corn flakes and then deep fried it. It was then served with loads of nuts and chocolate syrup. It was love at first bite!

Munch & Chow is just a month old yet they have already made a mark for themselves. The pure veg outlet is one of a kind and the owners have put in their very best to make sure that their dreams come true. With the gooey cheese filled balls still appearing in my dreaks, I am surely going to give them a visit real soon.

So if you are in the mood for some good vegetarian food, head over to Munch & Chow as soon as possible and I bet you will fall in love with the place and the food just the way I did.

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Chai Break

Restaurant review

Chai Break has always been my hangout spot in college. Be it post exam or when we deliberately gave our classes a miss,Chai Break had always come to our rescue. My only grievance was that it was a pure vegetarian cafe. So when I was informed that they have started a whole new non vegetarian menu, I couldn’t hold my excitement.
The following items are part of their newly launch menu.
Cb tin
Cb sour
Merciless virgin
Blue ocean
Pina colada
Death by spice
Drunken master
Mosco mule


he mocktails were presented beautifully and each had a different taste to it. Don’t they look super appealing?

Coming to the food, here is what I tried:

MC BC: This dish tastes as interesting as the name. It is mango stuffed mini kulchas served with a side of tamarind chutney. The sweet and sour taste will grow on you. A very remarkable and unique dish.

Veg seekh puff: The seekh kebab has been rolled into a pastry cup and served. It tasted absolutely delicious.

Amritsari fish and chips: What could possibly go wrong with one of my favourite dishes? The crispy,deep fried fish tasted amazing and will be a perfect finger food as you chat away with your friends.

CB dahi k kebab: These extra soft dahi tikkis melted in my mouth. The flavour was perfect. One cannot just stop as one with this dish! A must try.

CB special crab phuckha:
This is a very different dish. Unlike anything I have had before. Kolkata is famous for it’s phuchkas and I happen to be an ardent phuchka lover. The chef took a huge risk with this one. But turns out this is the dish which stood out! The extremely tender crab served with 5 types of water is an absolute delight. It tasted brilliant and is one of my favourite Phuchkas!

Churmur on the way: Deconstructed churmur is perfect for Kolkata. The churmur shots are ample in quantity. So if you have a spicy gossip to share with the oders make sure you order this “masaledar” churmur.

I personally visited Chai Break way too many times and it has never failed to suprise me. Not only are the servers extra attentive and give brilliant suggestions, the ambience and the food are perfect for all age groups.

So go down with your family and friends and have a blast at the new and revamped Chai Break.

Rang de Basanti Dhaba

Restaurant review

Rang de Basanti is a favourite among all when it comes to authentic Punjabi food. It is immensely popular owning to it’s decor and ofcourse the items in the menu which are taken from the dhaba culture.

A few days back I visited RDBD Em Bypass.This very spacious outlet is located just a little before Ruby and is clearly visible from the road.The decor reflects an authentic Punjabi dhaba.

Be it the “Charpai” hanging from the ceiling or the tractor in the middle of the restaurant, the decoration of this place is a major attraction. But they didn’t just stop at that. The cutlery is the rustic steel ones and even the names of the dishes are a modern take on the typical Dhaba menu.

Coming to the beverages we tried:

Rang de Cola-

This is a very popular drink owning to the fact that is helps digest the heavy punjabi food with ease. The masala flavoured cola is a speciality here.

Sweet lime soda-

Another refreshing drink which helps you to eat more of the delicious but heavy food, this drink has the perfect balance of sweet and salty. Served with a dash of lime, this is my favourite drink of all time.

For starters we had:

Mutton Seekh Kebab-

The soft and tender mutton keema rolled gently in rolls and then put in the tandoor is a must have. Even if you have a house party, this dish will complement the cocktails or mocktails. Make sure you have it with the pudina chutney and onion!

Murg Malai Tikka-

Extra juicy chicken pieces are marinated till they are super soft and then baked with cheese on top. Imagine the hot cheese oozing from the chicken as you bite onto it’s succulent pieces. Now wouldn’t that be perfect.

Fish Tikka-

Fish coated with indian herbs and spices and done on tawa, this fish will definitely steal your heart. Not only were the pieces humongous, they were really fresh as well.

After the extravagant starters,we hopped onto the main course. We were too full but what is a big,fat, Punjabi meal without feeling extremely full at the end.

So for main course we had:

Fish Tikka Butter Masala-

Large pieces of fish marinaded in cumin, coriander and chilly and then cooked in the tawa with butter. It is served with chat masala or lemon juice. Tasted absolutely delicious. A highly recommended dish. Do try it out.

Chicken Chatpata –

It is a sour preparation of chicken which uses cumin seeds,mustard seeds and sauf, followed by dahi which causes the gravy to become sour. It also has a heavy hint of lime.

Butter Naan-

The extra soft butter naan complemented both the dishes perfectly.


One of my favourite desserts of all tine has to be phirni. The Indian Sweet Pudding is a very popular dish in the north. It is largely sold during Eid, but owing to it’s delicious taste, it sells off extremely well throughout the year.

Rang de Basanti Dhaba has never failed to suprise me. Whenever I am in the mood for some kebabs and Bollywood music,this is the place I rush to without second thoughts. If you too are craving some good butter naan and chicken, head on to RDBD Em Bypass today!


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Now a days while we are hanging out with friends, the usual gossips fail to get the undivided attention. Even if you are meeting after ages, it seems our that it doesn’t excite you as much as what is going on in the virtual world. So it’s just a group of friends, sitting together at a table, table to someone else on Facebook/Whatsapp or busy scrolling through one of the social media platforms.

Snacking Cafe wants to change that very concept and they will not stop till they achieve it.

This quaint little cafe is in the lane diagonally opposite to South City Mall. It’s been six months that they have opened their doors to the public and already it is one of the most talked about cafe in the city.

The cafe has a beautiful decor. Each room has a different story to tell. And they try and change a part of the decor every 2-3 months. As you enter,you will see the walls filled with little stick on notes neatly arranged in a frame. They are notes from patrons which shows how much the place is loved. In another room, you’ll get an array of board games. Be it monopoly, ludo or uno, you have it all there.
A third room has the most brilliant decor with faux leaves covering the ceiling giving you a feel of autumn through out the year.

The leaf laden lamps and the shelf with a variety of tea collection gave me a very suburban feel. There is a coup as well that can seat 4 which is really pretty. The last room has a crossword which covers the entire wall. It is a live crossword puzzle which you can definitely add on to. Right beside this is a shelf full of books. The owner Prateek is an avid reader and wants the young generation to inculcate this habit of reading books which he is sure will help every one.

Coming to the beverages here is what we sipped on:

Watermelon Basil Cooler-

A favourite among the patrons here, this drinks is extremely pleasant to sip on. With the freshness of the watermelon and the smell of basil leaves, this drink is a must try.

Cucumber Lime Spark-

If you like detoxing every now and then, and love the taste of cucumbers, this drink is for you. A perfect summer drink. Will revitalise you completely.

Kiwi Lemonade-

This is a very tangy drink. Kiwi itself is a sweet and sour fruit and this drink represents the same taste.

Popcorn Caramel Shake-

This amazing drink tastes just like popcorn ! The decor and taste of this mocktail are on point. And it just costs INR 230 ! So it is a steal deal if you ask me. The catchy decor will make you get a hold of it for sure.

Passion fruit iced tea-

A lazy afternoon or evening with friends is incomplete without a ice tea according to me. This passion fruit flavoured ice tea is another favourite of the regulars.

Snacking nevers fails to suprise me. They have recently introduced a range of salads for health freaks and people who want to avoid the junk while hanging out.

So here we have with us:

Quinoa salad-

A tangy take in quinoa, this salad is really filing. With a hint of coriander and a whole lot of lime juice, this is one of the most healthy alternative available here.

Aragula salad with parmesan cheeseand balsamic vinegar-

Aragula or rocket leaf is an unique plant which has a natural pepper like taste. Since it is bitter to taste, it is soaked over night to get rid of that taste. Then a dressing of vinegar is used followed by a lot of cheese. This is my favourite salad and I am in love with the very different taste of it. Highly recomnended.

Watermelon feta salad-

This is a classic salad and a high seller here. Waternelon balls de seeded and served with a dash of kafir lime and a dallop of feta cheese on each. It is healthy,tasty and pockey friendly.

Main course:

1) Chicken Stroganoff-

It is a popular russian dish, made with sautéed chicken, Dijon mustard and heavy cream as the main ingredient. Have it with rice so that the gravy is soaked up by the rice and you can enjoy it thoroughly.

2) Grilled jumbo Tiger Prawns-

Well marinated jumbo prawns cooked to medium and served with rice and a side of sauteed vegetables is a must try. Every element of the dish tastes absolutely delicious and balances the dish properly.

3)Fish Paupiette-

“A paupiette is a piece of meat, beaten thin, and rolled with a stuffing of vegetables, fruits or sweetmeats.” Here they used Kolkata Bhetki for this amazing preparation. This was also served on a bed of mashed potatoes and with exotic vegetables like cherry tomato,zuchini and a varierty of bell pepper. This takes a little time to prepare so if you are planning to have it, make sure you order it as soon as you are seated in the cafe. A highly recommended dish.

Snacking has a series of contests running every month.

For instance they have the “Phone Se Azadi” promotions going on where if you deposit all your phones and laptops at the counter and spend the rest of the time at the cafe without it, you will get a 10% off on the bill.

So if you are looking for a cafe to spend some alone time or to spend a quite afternoon with your loved ones, this extremely beautiful cafe is there which will give you complete solitude. I am sure you’ll have an experience like no other.

Till then Keep Snacking.

Review of Spice Kraft

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Hey guys,

Going to review a lovely place for you all today. It’s Spice Kraft.
Went to this place today itself for a little wine and dine. I was invited by the owner of one of the biggest food communities Shahbaaz Zaman and I couldn’t say no the this lucrative offer. 

So, as soon as you enter this place, you’ll get a beautiful vibe. Soft music and aroma of some delicious food will probably take over your senses. This gem of a place is hidden in south kolkata. We were greated by the owner himself and in a couple of minutes the food started coming in.

The items we had were:

1. Beer can tempura fish

2. Chicken Tandoori Sausage

3. Dajaj Carmoula

4. Fish-en-papillote

5. Green chilly chicken

6. Hunan fish

7. Lynwn Samak

8. Moon faan

9. Nasi goreng

10. Beyond fried ice cream

11. Classic Monte Carlo

12. Tangarita 

The food was amazing. The starters were soft and juicy and will probably melt in your mouth. You cannot resist yourself after having just one. The fish here is a speciality and so are the dips. They are excellent and cooked to perfection. The dessert was equally pleasing to the eyes as well as to the taste buds.

The owner himself looked into every single item and made sure it was presented well. It was a beautiful experience. I’ll give it a 5/5 for ambience, food and price.

Do try it out and let me know what you think of it.

Love you guys.