Munch And Chow

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Being a bengali,and most importantly “Bangal” my food habits since the very beginning consisted of strictly non vegetarian items.

So I never developed the taste for vegetarian food until very recently.

One such place which completely blew my mind with their pure vegetarian food is Munch & Chow.

Located near Charnock Hospital,at Chinar Park, this 30 odd seater cafe is newly opened as is giving tough competition to their non vegetarian counter parts which are in the area.

The owners are from Australia and the items they serve here used are a new take on all the recipes they have collected while their stay abroad.

Coming to the decor, the first thing that will come to your mind once you step in is the minimalistic touch. The interiors are done, keeping in mind that the place is small and over doing it will just kill the ambience.

Here I tried the very famous Tandoori Chai for the first time. The earthen cups are roasted on top of coal for hours at length. Then they take it out and immerse it in a pot of tea. The tea boils over taking in the coal flavour. The tea is then served pipping hot in a earthen “Bhaar”.

Coming to the starters, I tried:

Stuffed mushroom-One of my favourites this place has be this dish. The mushrooms were covered in cheese and then deep fried until they they had the beautiful golden colour. You will get the taste of hot,molten cheese as soon as you take your first bite.

Spinach & cheese roll- Who knew that the vegetable I used to refrain from consuming as a child could be so delicious that I would as for a second serving ? The spinach and cheese roll had a remarkable crisp outer covering. The crunch could be heard from across the table! This indeed is an amazing finger food and well done as well.

Panko crusted paneer-When was the last time you actually got the taste of paneer in a paneer dish? As long as I remember, paneer has always been over powered by the herbs and spices and it usually loses it’s taste to the strong gravy or batter it is served with. But in this case, things were quite different. The outer covering was delicious giving way to the taste of a fresh cottage cheese which I instantly loved.

I everytime over eat the starters and usually skip the mains. But I thank god I tried the main course here. Let’s find out why!

Mexican burito:
The mexican burrito I tried here is like no other burrito served in Kolkata. The burrito was stuffed with a mixture of rajma and rice! And trust me it tasted remarkable. The “chatpata” taste reminded me of the toppings in a papri chat. It is one of the must try dishes here.

Pesto pasta: The pesto pasta was delicious owing to the fact that it was layered with parmesan cheese which happens to be my favourite kinda toping.

Shahi pulao:
A cafe which serves equally good Mexican and Indian food does exist ! The pulau was had the perfect balance of sweet in it and given a chance I would gulp it down just like that in one go.

Mexican noodles:
Had tossed mexican noodles with a side of munchurian was delicious. The munchurian balanced out the noodles perfectly and it was really light on the yummy,which made me very happy.

Kadhai paneer and Butter Naan: One of the best combos to ever exist in the vegetarian world has to be this. It is one of those dishes which I have tried every where. This paneer had a beautiful roasted taste to it which tasted so good with the butter laden naan. The paneer as usual was cooked perfectly. I would definitely recommend this one as well!

Spinach and Feta cheese pizza: The pizza base was a bit on the plump side and was extremely soft. With an extra layer of feta cheese, this delicious pizza made it to list of favourites.

Now comes my favourite part of any meal, i.e, the dessert. Even if I am dying and I have one last wish, it has to be having dessert. So it is quite natural that I tried something from their dessert section as well.

Fried Ice cream:
I personally do not like fried ice cream BUT turns out I never tried the fried ice cream here! They have a different take on this very popular dessert. The coated the vanilla ice cream with corn flakes and then deep fried it. It was then served with loads of nuts and chocolate syrup. It was love at first bite!

Munch & Chow is just a month old yet they have already made a mark for themselves. The pure veg outlet is one of a kind and the owners have put in their very best to make sure that their dreams come true. With the gooey cheese filled balls still appearing in my dreaks, I am surely going to give them a visit real soon.

So if you are in the mood for some good vegetarian food, head over to Munch & Chow as soon as possible and I bet you will fall in love with the place and the food just the way I did.

Check out my review on Zomato:

Have a look at this review of Munch&Chow, Chinar Park on @Zomato —



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Now a days while we are hanging out with friends, the usual gossips fail to get the undivided attention. Even if you are meeting after ages, it seems our that it doesn’t excite you as much as what is going on in the virtual world. So it’s just a group of friends, sitting together at a table, table to someone else on Facebook/Whatsapp or busy scrolling through one of the social media platforms.

Snacking Cafe wants to change that very concept and they will not stop till they achieve it.

This quaint little cafe is in the lane diagonally opposite to South City Mall. It’s been six months that they have opened their doors to the public and already it is one of the most talked about cafe in the city.

The cafe has a beautiful decor. Each room has a different story to tell. And they try and change a part of the decor every 2-3 months. As you enter,you will see the walls filled with little stick on notes neatly arranged in a frame. They are notes from patrons which shows how much the place is loved. In another room, you’ll get an array of board games. Be it monopoly, ludo or uno, you have it all there.
A third room has the most brilliant decor with faux leaves covering the ceiling giving you a feel of autumn through out the year.

The leaf laden lamps and the shelf with a variety of tea collection gave me a very suburban feel. There is a coup as well that can seat 4 which is really pretty. The last room has a crossword which covers the entire wall. It is a live crossword puzzle which you can definitely add on to. Right beside this is a shelf full of books. The owner Prateek is an avid reader and wants the young generation to inculcate this habit of reading books which he is sure will help every one.

Coming to the beverages here is what we sipped on:

Watermelon Basil Cooler-

A favourite among the patrons here, this drinks is extremely pleasant to sip on. With the freshness of the watermelon and the smell of basil leaves, this drink is a must try.

Cucumber Lime Spark-

If you like detoxing every now and then, and love the taste of cucumbers, this drink is for you. A perfect summer drink. Will revitalise you completely.

Kiwi Lemonade-

This is a very tangy drink. Kiwi itself is a sweet and sour fruit and this drink represents the same taste.

Popcorn Caramel Shake-

This amazing drink tastes just like popcorn ! The decor and taste of this mocktail are on point. And it just costs INR 230 ! So it is a steal deal if you ask me. The catchy decor will make you get a hold of it for sure.

Passion fruit iced tea-

A lazy afternoon or evening with friends is incomplete without a ice tea according to me. This passion fruit flavoured ice tea is another favourite of the regulars.

Snacking nevers fails to suprise me. They have recently introduced a range of salads for health freaks and people who want to avoid the junk while hanging out.

So here we have with us:

Quinoa salad-

A tangy take in quinoa, this salad is really filing. With a hint of coriander and a whole lot of lime juice, this is one of the most healthy alternative available here.

Aragula salad with parmesan cheeseand balsamic vinegar-

Aragula or rocket leaf is an unique plant which has a natural pepper like taste. Since it is bitter to taste, it is soaked over night to get rid of that taste. Then a dressing of vinegar is used followed by a lot of cheese. This is my favourite salad and I am in love with the very different taste of it. Highly recomnended.

Watermelon feta salad-

This is a classic salad and a high seller here. Waternelon balls de seeded and served with a dash of kafir lime and a dallop of feta cheese on each. It is healthy,tasty and pockey friendly.

Main course:

1) Chicken Stroganoff-

It is a popular russian dish, made with sautéed chicken, Dijon mustard and heavy cream as the main ingredient. Have it with rice so that the gravy is soaked up by the rice and you can enjoy it thoroughly.

2) Grilled jumbo Tiger Prawns-

Well marinated jumbo prawns cooked to medium and served with rice and a side of sauteed vegetables is a must try. Every element of the dish tastes absolutely delicious and balances the dish properly.

3)Fish Paupiette-

“A paupiette is a piece of meat, beaten thin, and rolled with a stuffing of vegetables, fruits or sweetmeats.” Here they used Kolkata Bhetki for this amazing preparation. This was also served on a bed of mashed potatoes and with exotic vegetables like cherry tomato,zuchini and a varierty of bell pepper. This takes a little time to prepare so if you are planning to have it, make sure you order it as soon as you are seated in the cafe. A highly recommended dish.

Snacking has a series of contests running every month.

For instance they have the “Phone Se Azadi” promotions going on where if you deposit all your phones and laptops at the counter and spend the rest of the time at the cafe without it, you will get a 10% off on the bill.

So if you are looking for a cafe to spend some alone time or to spend a quite afternoon with your loved ones, this extremely beautiful cafe is there which will give you complete solitude. I am sure you’ll have an experience like no other.

Till then Keep Snacking.



Kolkata,the City of Joy,loves to party and give elaborate “Addas”. And the city where majority are Bengalis, serious adda without a peg or two is totally incomplete.

And that is the very reason why pubs,lounges and restaurants are our favourite hangout spot.
But if you ask me, I find all of them pretty similar. Be it with their ambience or the sort of music they play or the food they serve, it all seems to resonate one another.

That is why, when I visited RoadHouzz a few days a back, I instantly fell in love with it. Heavily inspired by European culture, this micro brewery is a one of a kind place in Kolkata.

Located in Sarat Bose Road, this very spacious and elegantly decorated lounge instantly became a favourite among many.

As I entered the place, all tired and stressed out after the entire day, Jimi Hendrix was there to soothe me. Walking across the wooden floor, past the very spacious dining area which also has a very elaborate bar, I walked into the very magical balcony turned lounge which was covered entirely in glass, letting you sip on your chilled beer or cocktail while looking at the entire Kolkata drive by.

The owners have left no stone unturned when it comes to splurging on the interiors. The wheel themed lights adorning the ceiling, the original wooden barrels used as the base for the tables and the very European bottle green table sitting at the side of the room added to the theme so perfectly

Now coming to the food this is all that we tried:


1. Mutton Kakori Kebab-

The last time I had such succulent kebabs was in the streets of Delhi and ofcourse in Zakaria Street of Kolkata. The minced mutton kebab melted in the mouth and tasted really good. They are a more tender version of the seekh kebab. The marination is done with mango or papaya to make the meat softer. Have it with a lachcha parantha or a sweet bread and you are good to go.

2. Mexican Cajun Spiced Potato Fritters-

One of my favourite Mexican finger foods has to be this dish. It is a hit among vegetarians as well as their non vegetarian counter parts. With a combination of potatoes,italian herbs and seasoning, veggies and cajun spices, this delicious deep fried ball of goodness can give any other vegetarian dish a run for their money.

3. Stuffed Sunehri Paneer Kebab-

The extra soft paneer pieces were stuffed with a most delicious mixture of veggies and served with grilled vegetables. The marination is mostly done with yoghurt and spices allowing the indian cottage cheese to soak it in and become tender and then grilled on a stove or an oven.

4. Chicken Money Bag-

A must try from this place, this is one of their specialities. Minced chicken stuffed in “Potlis” and deep fried till golden brown. A brilliant starter and a personal favourite.

5. Pork Sam-Bo-Sa –

There is an amazing story attached with this particular dish. I have never before tried Pork. So when I told the owner this, he insisted on trying this particular dish and vouched for it. I was sceptical about it ofcourse, but to my suprise, I instantly loved it. And I didn’t stop at one of these, had a couple more and loved every bit of the minched pork stuffed in golden brown patties. Now that’s some serious level of conversion.

6. Prawn and Pineapple on Skewers-

My love for Prawn is eternal and suprisingly that is the reason my childhood nickname is “Chingri” which was given by my loved ones. I couldn’t help indulge in this delicious prawn starter. The prawn was cooked to perfection and the pineapple just added to the taste.

7. Murg Malai Kebab-

What can ever go wrong with Chicken? Specially when it is extra soft, extra butter coatrd kebab. The most important part is the marination. So it is kept marrinated over night to give it the extra soft texture. This one goes brilliantly well with garlic sauce and vegetable salad. Another must try from this brilliant outlet.


1. Chicken Rendang Curry-

This Thai styled curry was an instant hit. Chicken Rendang, or Rendang Ayam is a lip-smacking Indonesian dry curry that’s loaded with tender chicken simmered with a spice paste and coconut milk until there’s almost no sauce left. The sweet meets sour taste was perfect and should be enjoyed with a plate of steamed rice.

2. Houzz Special Noodles-

These noodles are a speciality and trust me when I say this, you can have the whole bowl and still want more. It is a dish on it’s own and you can have it with any side from the menu. The best part is that it was overloaded with prawn.

We ended our amazing experience with brownie along with ice cream. Unfortunately I donot have the picture as I just couldn’t resist myself from eating it the moment it was brought in. The hot and choco oozing brownie served with some chilled ice cream was the best way to end the delicious meal.

The ambience of the place along with the mouth watering food has my heart. As I left for that day,I promised to come back to try more. A rustic abode in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city will take you right back in time.

Look out of the glass panel, past the iron grill,into the street and you will realise “The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye

Cafe Bysha


While searching for a place to hangout with my friends, I prefer ditching the over crowded places of the city and search for newly opened cafes which I haven’t visited yet.
So one such morning I came across this really interesting cafe in Southern Avenue with a very unique name and I knew I had to give them a visit.

Next day I turned up at Cafe Bysha.
If this cafe would have a tag line it would be something like “Where Food meets Fashion” as the cafe not only sells food,they also sell some amazing clothes, crockery and handmade soaps and shampoo.That is something very new and I loved the concept.

Coming to the ambience, the walls of this place have different colours which make the cafe look extremely bright and colourful. There are cute little corners with wall murals and a seater for two for you to enjoy a nice alone time with your loved one.

The seating is very informal with Jute chairs and “Moras” to give you a feeling of “Adda mara” with friends.

I obviously asked the owner the meaning behind the name and was told that the name of the owner starts with the letters “SHA” hence Bysha is nothing but “By- Sha”. I loved it.
With such a creative name, I was now super excited to try out the food.
They have a simple menu so that they can serve the best quality food and I think that is amazing.

Here is all that we had.


Ice Tea- I had to try my favourite drink first. Ice tea is very close to my heart and something I try everywhere I go. I loved the taste of it. It was really refreshing and I enjoyed it.

Pinnacolada- Another amazing drink which was perfect to beat the heat. The freshly squeezed pineapple juice just enhanced the taste.

Cold coffee with ice cream- What could possibly go wrong with cold coffee with ice cream. Super chilled coffee mixed with a dallop of the best quality vanilla ice cream was a personal favourite from this place.

Byshas Signature-

Litti Chokha- I had way too many Bihari friends in college thanks to whom I have tried different kinds of Litti. This one from here was pretty amazing. Though I think it was a bit too hard and maybe a little bit dry. If they work on that part it would have been an amazing dish. It was served with onions and bharta.

Litti Chicken Fry- Now this I have never tried before. Chicken kebab and litti fried together is a masala tasted pretty good. It is unique and I loved it. Do try it out everyone.

Tandoori Chicken Momo-
One of the best dish from this place has to be this momo. The stuffing of the momo was brilliant and tandoori was done so perfectly that this dish just stole my heart. Do give this a try. You will love it.


BBQ Chicken- Barbecued chicken with a side of chutney is every non vegetarians dream come true. The chicken was tender and the marination was done perfectly. Hence the masala had really seeped in. The soft juicy chicken pieces is another must try.


Chicken garlic finger-I have tasted a lot of chicken fingers but nothing that could match this one. This finger food was amazing. The fingers were extra crispy and were delicious. Have it with your favourite mocktail or just a cup of coffer and you are good to go.

Fish finger- Fresh fish rolled and deep fried was pure love. It melted in my mouth. I literally still have the taste of it. Have it with a side of mayo and you will indeed be very happy.

Main course-

Chicken hakka noodles- The chicken hakka noodles had all the right flavours and tasted really good. The seasoning was done perfectly.

Chilli fish- Fish seemed to be the main attraction here as the chilly fish was made with absolutely fresh fish and the coating was just right. The gravy complemented the noodles perfectly.


Mango marvel-
I had no idea that mango ice cream could be so good until I tasted this one. Leave all the top ice cream shops and come and give this mango ice cream a try. There was no hint of artificial flavour in it. I seemed that what I had wasn’t ice cream but was chilled mango itself.

Tutti fruity- My most favourite dessert of all time has to be this one. Vanilla ice cream served with freshly cut fruits was the perfect way to end the amazing day.

To me Cafe Bysha is a place where you go back in time, a place where good food is served.

There is nothing super fancy about this place yet as I write this post my mind keeps racing back to the little corner with the mural, the plate of fish finger and the cold coffee and amazing time I spent with my friends there one drizzling afternoon.



Amazing vegetarian food meets elegant ambience at Zaairah. This pure veg restaurant has opened it’s doors to Kolkata with their first outlet at Salt Lake. It is bang opposite to the Kund Area of City Centre and hence is really easy to locate.
My first impression after entering the restaurant was the swanky interiors.
The ground floor is strictly a dining area with a huge sitting capacity.
Great deal had been thought about the interiors and a lot of intricate decors made the dining place look extra classy.

The second floor is a lounge. There you will get Hookah. So you can easily go and hangout with friends and order in some Sheesha and starters. The low lighting makes the place look really cosy and comfortable as well.
The bar which is right in the centre does grab the entire attention as it looks brilliant and that is where the really fancy mocktails are made.
Coming to the food we were served:


Achari paneer Tikka- Big chunks of “Chatpata” stuffed paneer served with some delicious dips is a must try from this place.

Dahi cheese sheek kebab- It was something that I tried for the first time snd instantly fell in love with. The kebab was nade in the most brilliant way and it tasted really good.

Family cheese garlic baguette bread- This one has to be my favourite. It had all the right flavours and I helped myself to a second serving as well. It is a different take on the garlic bread and I love it.

Tempura fried broccoli- Another very interested dish. Being a hard core non vegetarian, whenever I hear tempura, prawns automatically take the next seat. So when I heard tempura broccoli I was really suprised. So I had to try it. And to my suprise I loved it. The batter it was fried in was the most delicious thing I have every tasted. There were two dips served along with it which were sweet honey chilli dip and sweet soya sauce dip. Both complemented the dish prefectly.

Corn Bhel- A modern take on our beloved bhel puri. This was a mixture of noodles, topped with veggies like corn and tomato and chat masala. I thoroughly enjoyed the flavour though I wish they made it a tad bit more flavourful.

Kurkuri bhindi- This was bhindi dipped in a batter and deep friend till crispy. The batter was really tasty. But since I personally do not like bhindi, I took out the bhindi and had the batter. Now don’t judge me on that !


Mushroom Risotto-
This is officially the best risotto I have ever tried. The a spoonful of the cheesey risotto was like a party in my mouth. It tasted amazing. This is officially the place that made me fall in love with Risotto. Do give this dish a try. Highly recommended.

Spaghetti Agleo olio-
What can go wrong with spaghetti agleo olio. The delicious spaghetti is also a must try.

Thai Red Curry with steam rice- Now this dish officially stole my heart. The thai curry was officially the best dish they have. The thick red curry served with hot steaming rice tasted amazing. Do give it a try.

Baked Lasagne- Layers of stuffed pasta topped with cheesy was a delicious affair. It had the right balance of flavours. Tasted really amazing.


Salty orange delite- Tangy orange juice with a hint of Kaafi lime was extremely refreshing. Loved it.

Chilli Guava- This was by far the best mocktail. It was a spicy blend of guava juice and seasonings. The rim of the glass had rock salt which enhanced the flavour. A must try.

Cranberry apple fix- A delicious mixture of apple and cranberry juice, this mocktail is perfect for all occasions.

Overall I loved the place. From the ambience to the lovely music to the amazing presentation and ofcourse the food everything was amazing and lived up to it’s expectations.

I recommend you all to try it out irrespective of being vegetarian and non vegetarian.

Seems like super tasty vegetarian food now has a new address and that is Zaairah.

Zomato link: Have a look at this review of Zaairah, Sector 1, Salt Lake, Kolkata on @Zomato —

Choosing the right road trip vehicle.

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Sponsored post
Hey my lovelies.
I hope the summer is treating you well. There will be loads of road trips and vacations coming up thanks to the kids summer breaks. So to ensure everything perfectly well this summer, I am here to discuss about a very important topic today which is, which car should you choose for your road trips?
During my teenage years, I traveled a lot with my parents. We used to go to the local sight seeing spots, stay a day or two and come back. The most exciting part about the journey used to be the car rides. The car racing past the lush green on the two sides gave me an image which I will never forget. But is it possible to travel in a vehicle for such long hours? Let’s find out.


I have jolted down a couple of points which will help you decide the perfect car for your family keeping the vacation days in mind.
Make sure that you have enough leg space. If you have to be in the same position for a long time, it tends to become really uncomfortable. Only if you are seated comfortably, you will enjoy the entire experience and not whine every few minutes.
Before everything else, check for this one. See if it has a soft touch brake which stops the car at the slightest touch. In case of unavoidable circumstances, a smoother, softer brake is what matters the most to prevent accidents.

car pic 4

There are some cars which start to vibrate when the car hits a barely uneven road. That becomes really uncomfortable for everyone. I have seen cars which go over the most uneven, broken down road and just sways a tad bit. That is what you should be looking for.
Before every trip,my mom strictly tells us to travel light. But all her advice goes to vain. I mean, I have to travel with atleast 4 pairs of shoes to get amazing pictures! This is when the boot space is required. It should be enough to fit in the luggage so that no one has to sacrifice at the end. Get your kids diaper bag, your wife’s make up bag and your golf bag in and go and have a blast.
Make sure you think a million times before you get the perfect car. It should be able to accommodate everyone and that too comfortably.

car pic 6
I hope I could help you guys in deciding the perfect car for your family. Just keep these points in your mind and you are good to go.
If you are planning to buy yourself one now, head over to They have some amazing deals cooked up for you.
Do let me know what the car of your dreams is in the comment section below.
Happy summers guys.

Review of Organic Harvest Neem Face Wash.

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Hey guys,

How have you guys been? My skin is acting crazy these days. It is erupting out and there are spots all over. I blame the weather. My skin is extra sensitive and I cannot use a lot of stuff on my face. When it comes to my face, I am very picky. Just when I was giving up hopes, I came across this amazing product. The Organic Harvest Need Face Wash with BSE free active is a game changer. The ingredients in it are:

Aqua, Cocoamphodiacetate, Provitamin B5, Neem extract, Potassium sorbate, and Sodium Benzoate in surfactant base. It does not contain Parabens, Mineral oil,Paba and Animal ingredients.


The face wash has a gel consistency and only a little amount is needed to clean your face. My skin was filled with eruptions before I started using it. But as soon as I included this face wash in my daily routine, my skin became healthier. Need, as you know,is an amazing antiseptic and works wonders with sensitive skin. This face wash is a must have for everyone like me who needs healthy skin but is afraid to try out new products. I love it.


The small tube comes for INR 165 for 50gm.

You are purchase it here:



I hope you guys love it as much as I do.

Happy summers.


Review of Aaranyaa Hand and Body Lotion

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Hello my lovelies,

I hope you all are doing great. I would love to interact with you guys. So why don’t you follow me on instagram and facebook so that we can keep in touch. It would be amazing. I’ll attach the link after this post.

So day I am here with a super important product which we often skip during every non winter month. Yes I am talking about a hand and body lotion. How many of us bother using it post the cold season? I know I don’t. But did you know it makes your skin extra dry and however much you try and bring your skin back to life, it won’t. Healthy skin doesn’t come overnight. It is a result of years of dedication and patience and trust me the results and super amazing at the end.

I got hold of the Aaranyaa hand and body lotion which has moringa oil in it and I am going to tell you al about it.

First up are the ingredients:

Purified water,Coconut oil, Glycerin, Niacinamide, Carbamide USP, Magnesium Chloride, Glyceryl Stearate, Dimeyhicone, Moringa Oil, Emulsifying Wax, Cetyl alcohol, Vitamin E acetate, Shea butter, Ashwagandha extract, Sodium benzoate and Fragrance.

My views on the product:

This is a god gifted product. I am very choosy when it comes to creams and lotions. I have lotions which are sticky. But this one is a wonder product. It is super light. As soon as you massage it on, your skin will soak it up super fast giving you a soft,supple skin. It left my skin super healthy and moisturised for a long time.

Moringa oil is an excellent anti-pollutant and it’s unique property helps mitigate the skin damages caused by toxic pollutants and improves the skin texture. I fell in love with the lotion. The packaging wa excellent too. It comes in a pump bottle so the entire process stays super hygienic. For best results apply it immediately on your body post bath so that it locks in the moisture for a long time. I think it is a great product and I give it a thumbs up.

Cost of the product:

It sells for INR 445.

This is from where you guys can grab it from:




Oh and here are my social media handles:

Loads of love to you guys.


Review of HAiROOTZ Eva tablets by Dr.Reddy’s

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Hey everyone,

Have have you all been? Well I am here with a very special product today which is very essential for all of us and many of you had requested this review. We all know how important the health of our hair is. It suffers from dust and pollution everyday, not to forget out weird hair phases. We damage it too much while experimenting and never think about it until we start to lose hair. Did you ever think about the fact that maybe they need some sort of a food to stay healthy and lustrous. That is exactly what I am going to tell you all about today.

I have with me the famous Dr.Reddy’s HAiROOTZ Eva tablets with Biotin, Grape Seed Extract,Folic Acid, Calcium Pantothenate and Amino Acid Soflets.

The ingredients are:

Protein Hydrolysate,Maize starch,Phosphates,Gelatin,Grape seed extract,Bulking agent,Polvinylpyrrolidone,Humectants,Minerals,HPMC based,Stabilizer,Anticaking agent,Vitamins,Permitted Natural Colour,Acidity regulator,Preservative and Purified water.

My impression-

I used to have extreme hairfall,my hair growth had stopped and a bald patch was steadily developing! This was the condition of my hair when I started having this tablet. I started having it once everyday after breakfast. I had it for 3 weeks and trust me the results were amazing. I clearly saw new hair growth within such short span, my hair quality increased a lot and also my hair fall decreased so much. I had heard a lot about these hair supplements but was always sceptical about it. I am telling you, this product is amazing and worth investing in. It provies your hair with all the nutrients it needs and changes your hair completely.

Now I don’t feel conscious as my hair seems to be just fine. I’ll be continuing these little wonderful tablets for a long time and I suggest you try them with me.

If you want to purchase it,here are the links:



Hope the post was helpful.

In case you guys want any more information,go ahead and comment and I will get back to you guys as soon as possible.

Till then,


Review of the WOW Total Haircare Combo

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Hey guys,

Winter is finally coming to an end and I couldn’t be more relieved. I know many of you will strongly disagree but somehow I love summers. You get to wear whatever you want,workout,write blogs and hang out with friends without feeling super lazy. As you can see I am already up with my second blog post in such a short span and I couldn’t be more proud of myself.

For the entire winters,I stayed indoors,wrapped up in a blanket and refused to take care of my hair or skin or health for that matter. So it was high time I started with my regime again. And guess what? I got the best start to the new year with this amazing combo!


The WOW Cosmetics brand was founded in 2005 with the primary aim of introducing quality cosmetics products at competitive prices. The best part about this brand is that the haircare products con’t contain parabens or mineral oils! Wohooooo ! So I’m going to tell you all about it right now. Give it a read and then decide for yourself whether you want to purchase it or not! The hair care includes four steps.



The ingredients are:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil,Sweet Almond Oil,Moroccan Argan Oil,Jojoba Oil,Grapeseed Oil,Safflower Oil,Bhringraj Extract,Tocopherol Acetate,Rosemary Essential Oil and Tea Tree Essential Oil.

The 10 hair benefits are:

  • Stronger Roots
  • Detangling
  • Softer Hair
  • Dandruff Control
  • Better Lustre
  • Reduced Split Ends
  • Improved Lipid Barrier
  • Conditioning
  • Reduced Hairfall
  • Less Moisture Loss

My views on the product:

The oil is non sticky and is majorly water based. It should be applied directly to the scalp and preferably kept overnight for desired results. I am in love with the oil as it doesn’t make my hair look greasy. I can apply it and go out as well and it doesn’t pose a problem. It is amazing and I would definitely repurchase it.

Cost: INR 599 for 200ml



The ingredients are:

Purified Water,Capryl Glucoside,Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Turate,Natural Apple Cider Vinegar,Argan Oil,Almond Oil,Sodium Benzoate,Fragrance and Color Sunset Yellow FCF 15985

The hair benefits are:

  • Removes buildups
  • Restores Shine
  • Gives smoothness to the tresses

My views on the product:

The shampoo doesn’t contain sulphates and parabens and I love that. They are easy on the tresses and really clean your scalp. For people like me who have super oily scalps,it keeps the oiliness away for 3-4 days after one wash. It has a mild sweet fragrance which I absolutely love. It doesn’t even make the hair rough! I love it and I would suggest you to use it too.

Cost: INR 499 for 300ml



The ingredients are:

Purified Water,Argan Oil,Sweet Almond Oil,Sodium Benzoate,Avocado Oil,Castor Oil,Jojoba Oil,Citric Acid,Wheat Protein,Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Fragrance.

The hair benefits are:

  • Intensive conditioning for thin,weak or damaged hair
  • Safe for color treated hair

My views on the product:

After the first wash itself, my hair felt super soft. The conditioner locked in the moisture for a really long time making my hair look healthy. It leaves your hair feeling nice and smooth,giving it a beautiful shine.

Cost: INR 495 for 300ml



The ingredients are:

Purified Water,Safflower Extract,Sodium Benzoate,Tocopherol Acetate,Biotin,Potassium Sorbate Fragrance,Rosemary Essential Oil and Tea Tree Essential Oil.

The hair benefits are:

  • Root-to-tip Frizz Taming
  • Stringer Roots
  • Less split ends
  • Improved lipid barrier
  • Visible improved texture
  • Dandruff control
  • Hair breakage protection
  • Hair fall control
  • Higher lustre
  • Intense hydration

My views of the product:

This fourth step is essential for hair growth. So after you are done conditioning, quickly spray your roots with this revitalizer. It is completely water based so leaves no residue or oils what so ever.

Cost: INR 599 for 200ml

Overall view :

I would like to give a big shoutout to the brand cause the products are really amazing ad very cheat. Biggest plus point is that there are no added mineral oils and parabens so it doesn’t harm your hair in any way. I am personally recommending it to everyone. Use it for a month and let me know.

You can find the products here:,b7e

Till then.