The footpath tales


“Run! You can make it”, called out Shekhar. He had full confidence on his little brother. 

Ram was just 5 years and Shekhar took upon him,the responsibility of protecting him through thick and thin. Their father had left them when Ram was just born. So their mother had to take the job of a maid to support them. She had to be at work for the major part of the day which left Shekhar incharge of his baby brother.

Shekhar didnot think of it as a burden. He was quite lonely before Ram was born. From the moment he got Ram, he knew he would love him so much.

Ram was a bit hesitant to cross the road. He stood there for quite sometime and then almost suddenly started to cry. As soon as Shekhar realised that Ram was actually too scared to cross the road on his own, he dashed across, just as the school bus was crossing that very spot.


Then all went quite.